Client Reviews

"Jackie made our home buying experience very pleasant. She's very knowledeable and pointed out things about homes we would never have thought about, from the plants that were growing in the backyard to the possiblity of having a gas line installed. She always went above and beyond. After the sellers of the home we were buying had the sewer line fixed, Jackie took it upon herself to contact the city to sit down with them and review the sewer line scope to make sure the work was satisfactory. I was amazed! And the most important thing was she was very responsive. We always got an email response or phone call within a couple hours of emailing her. We always felt like she had our best interested in mind. She is THE best and I would recommend her to anyone. We're definitely calling her again if we need to find another home or sell our home. You rock Jackie!"

Tammy N & Steven V - Broomfield


"If you are looking to buy a home in Denver, make it easy on yourself and give Jackie a call. My wife and I were completely new to town when we began looking for a home. We had worked with a couple of other realtors briefly, and were growing frustrated. Since I was a first time home buyer, I really needed someone to spend some "hand-holding" time throughout the process. The other agents we had worked with would essentially take us out for a short period of time and tell us how great the properties were and that we should make offers because we would lose the homes, all without really showing us anything that we actually wanted to buy. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, so there was absolutely no way they knew, and this didn't seem to bother them much. Jackie was completely different. She spent a lot of time with my wife and I upfront looking over maps and neighborhood descriptions (all in the binder she provides) to begin targeting certain areas. Over the next few weeks she took us around on several evenings and weekends to continue refining our criteria. She encouraged us when we needed it, and told us to steer clear of certain places that didn't seem right for one reason or another. If something is overpriced, she will tell you. If something is perfect, she will tell you. If something seems perfect, but the foundation might be utter crap, she will help you investigate. The bottom line is that she knows her stuff and only cares about you being satisfied at the end of the process. Eventually, we were able to locate a place we absolutely love, made an offer and closed on our first home. In addition to caring about what you want and putting serious effort in to helping you find it, Jackie has a ton of experience with vendors around Denver, which was great because I had none. She hooked us up with general inspectors, specialty inspectors, movers, even a structural engineer for one home we were considering. Everyone she recommended did a great job and was affordable. She also made sure that we understood the various neighborhoods, and pointed out great restaurants, shops, etc. Jackie knows Denver real estate, and will definitely help you throughout the entire process of finding and purchasing a home. Whether you are a first or fifth-time home buyer, you can't go wrong, and I highly recommend her. As others have said, she truly takes pride in every step in the process. If we ever sell our home (can't imagine moving right now), we will definitely be calling her again!"

Kyle D & Kate S - Denver


"Jackie's verbal and written presentation when we originally met, and her clarity and concern in answering all of my questions and concerns got her a STAR with me. Her promptness in all matters concerning the realty listing and keeping me informed was great. How happy I am that I asked a Realtor to handle the time consuming intricacies of the sale of a property, and her business acumen is applaudable. There wasn't any item of presentation or sale that she was not right on top of. I felt confident and relaxed about how she handled everything. She is at the top of my referral list. Thank you!"

Louise H - Westminster


"We bought a new house, sold our old one and moved just inside of one month, yet it was the smoothest transition we have ever had thanks to Your Castle Real Estate, Jackie Long, Kiki Williams and the rest of their amazing team! It is hard to believe that just a few months ago we weren't even sure how we were going to get out of our house and now we are in the house of our dreams! We were upside down in our mortgage, but Jackie gave us some very honest numbers and step by step instructions on how to make our home "show ready". We followed her suggestions right down to the flowers on the doorstep, and low and behold our house was under contract in less than 72 hours! Now that may seem exciting, but it was a little stressful because we had not even gone out looking for our new house yet! So the very next week we spent a weekend day looking for our dream home. My husband and I had put together a list of some properties we wanted to look at and Jackie not only added to that list, but she printed driving directions and information on each house and even entertained our 7-month-old daughter while we poked around. We didn't know it at the time but the second house we looked at (one of Jackie's picks!) was the house we ended up buying. As if it wasn't enough to find a home to grow old in, we got it at the low end of our budget and it appraised at 20K over what we payed for it! Talk about instant equity! When it comes to real estate this team is pure gold and we were so fortunate to have them on our side. They literally turned our lemons into lemonade and life is sweet again!"

JD & Michele C - Thornton


"Jackie helped me both sell my house and buy another. She was amazing to work with, and did far more for me than I would have expected and more than any other Realtor has ever done. She maintained great lines of communication throughout the process, and kept me extremely well informed. She gave me very honest and great advice from the very beginning, from the listing and staging of my house, until the final step when we closed on my new home. Jackie worked extremely long hours to ensure I found another house with which I would be happy. We were able to find a house I loved, in the area I was looking at, and were able to close in a very short time. She was extremely knowledgeable of the area I was interested in and had clearly done her homework! I can’t say enough about Jackie, and I refer people to her every chance I get!"

Susan M - Denver


"Jackie is an excellent Realtor. I've used her to buy 2 houses and sell 1. I've recommended her to countless friends who have all been impressed with her as well. She's a hard worker, works around your schedule, puts her hear into each job. You will not be disappointed. I will continue to recommend her to family and friends. I feel lucky to have found a Realtor that I enjoy and trust as much as Jackie."

D.F. - Denver, CO


"We just sold our condo and we couldn't have done it without Jackie. In fact, we never would have bought our condo without Jackie. She wasn't our real estate agent when we purchased... and we LOVED our previous agent. But Jackie really set herself apart from the rest of the agents out there. She is sharp as a tack when it comes to her markets, banks & all the important facts & figures involved in making a sale. She even provided information on possible loans to interested buyers (we used her suggestions originally, as they proved best!). But it takes more than an agent that knows the books. She knows her neighborhoods... she knows how to set up a beautiful showing... and point out all the most important (and often overlooked) highlights of the property/community. She LOVES what she does and it gives her an edge that other "good" agents simply don't have. Heart. She's ridiculously interested in all angles of the process & she's friendly as they come. She is flexible with her time in a pinch (don't abuse her though, she's got a life too). And she was happy to hold as many open houses as needed to get the sale made as fast as possible. She even helped us manage our listing & minor repairs after we relocated to another state! We were sad to say goodbye to our previous agent, but we don't regret the decision for a second. Jackie is truly amazing & we feel like we gained a true friend in the process."

Glenn O. & Jonel B. - Denver, CO


"I interviewed a several Realtors as I began the process of looking for a home, and as soon as I met Jackie I knew it was a good match. Her experience and confidence, combined with her sense of humor, put me at ease immediately, which made the process easy and fun. Jackie helped me define exactly what I was looking for and worked as a sounding board for any of my concerns. Jackie’s office coordinated everything, which lifted huge burden off me during what could have been a very hectic time. After this experience, I can’t imagine using another Realtor. I would recommend Jackie to anyone looking for a new home! (Note: Trish has also gotten married & used Jackie again to find their new home!)"

Trish H. - Longmont, CO


"Absolutely, positively, the best thing that happened to me since moving to Denver was walking into an open house Jackie was conducting. I was checking out neighborhoods with some cousins in the area, and Jackie was so friendly I decided to take one of her cards and fill out a form to get listings e-mailed to me. Ever since that moment, Jackie has worked harder and better than I ever would have imagined a Realtor would. I moved here from upstate NY, 1,500 miles away, and have not been the easiest customer. I had a potential co-buyer come and go, along with parents that can be very involved, but Jackie was never thrown and always kept the focus on me and my wants and needs in a home. Jackie is so knowledgeable and honest, as she has demonstrated over and over throughout my buying process, that I am absolutely positive I have made a good investment in both my present and my future. She's up on technology, which is great-- e-contracts, email updates on MLS listings, and virtual tours just to name a few. And talk about accessible, I have always been able to get immediate feedback from her via email, phone, or in person. She knows Denver (every service, restaurant, et cetera she recommended was a home run), and she knows how to get a deal done. When you work with Jackie’s Team, you've got a real expert and a true professional on your side. I know exactly who I'm going to call when I'm ready to sell and settle down in the ‘burbs."

Phil H. - Denver, CO


"Jackie Long is simply the best Realtor in the Denver Metro area. I should know… I've used the services of about a dozen Realtors over the past 4 years during my quest for my perfect house. Jackie understood what we wanted in our new home & was with us every step of the way, looking out for our interests thru the entire process. I was so impressed with her attention to detail and her focus on us as buyers that I entrusted Jackie with the sale of our house in Castle Rock, which she sold in record time. Thanks, Jackie!"

Jerry Weingarten


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